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At RTN Law, our team combines a fresh perspective with years of industry knowledge to deliver consistent exceptional results for our clients.

Maria Aivaliotis

Maria Aivaliotis

Principal Solicitor
Maria is a litigation expert specialising in motor vehicle property damage. Having been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1995, Maria has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a range of matters involving motor vehicles. Her experience extends from representing insurers, taxi and rideshare clubs to individuals, and understands the pressures faced by both plaintiffs and defendants.
Blair Simpson

Blair Simpson

Special Counsel and WA/QLD State Manager

Blair is a civil litigation expert, currently specialising in motor vehicle recoveries. He has a diverse legal background including Employment Law, Family Law, Property Law, Contractual advice, Wills and Probate and Corporate Law. Blair is an experienced litigator, having acted for clients in every state, territory and jurisdiction in Australia.

Dianne Juhasz

Special Counsel And Vic State Leader

Dianne is an insurance litigation expert specialising in motor vehicle property damage. With over a decade of experience, she possesses a strong background in public liability, professional indemnity, and property damage, with a specific focus on motor vehicle property claims. Dianne has represented various clients, including insurers, taxi clubs/rideshare clubs, and individuals. Dianne prioritises understanding her clients’ objectives and collaborates closely with them to achieve favourable outcomes. By adopting an integrated partnering approach, Dianne possesses a deep understanding of both the commercial and legal complexities involved in providing legal advice and litigating claims.

Damar Bull-Quijano


Damar is a rising star in litigation and motor vehicle property damage matters. With experience in Victoria and in New South Wales, Damar has unique insights to bring. Operating in Victoria, he has a strong focus on an empathetic approach to client satisfaction and the resolution of matters. Damar’s dedication to care is evident in his diplomatic approach and early resolution of matters.

Ryan Higgins


Ryan is an insurance litigation expert with extensive knowledge in motor vehicle insurance. Ryan has experience in debt recovery and settlements, representing both plaintiff and defendant which enables him to provide comprehensive advice to his clients. Ryan has a keen insight into the case law and legislation surrounding insurance law in order to be well-versed with the changing landscape. With a deep understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding this area of law, Ryan strives for achieving the best outcome for his clients.

Yianna Zisiadis


Yianna is quickly making her mark in litigation, specializing in motor vehicle property damage. Her track record includes representing individual clients, giving her valuable insights into plaintiff challenges. Yianna’s fresh perspective enhances her approach to resolving disputes and securing positive results. Her dedication to swift resolution and litigation success is evident in her consistent achievement of favourable outcomes for clients.

Alana Capo


Alana is a rising star in the field of litigation, with a laser focus on motor vehicle property damage. She has successfully represented individual clients, allowing her to fully understand the complexities and pressures faced by plaintiffs. Her unique insight into the different perspectives enriches her approach to resolving disputes and achieving favourable outcomes. Alana’s commitment to prompt resolution and litigious success is showcased by her track record of achieving favourable outcomes for her clients

Aletta Li


Aletta is a solicitor based in Sydney office, she graduated with Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Laws double degree from University of New South Wales. Aletta is a proactive advocate for plaintiffs who suffered property damage in motor vehicle accidents. She is diligent in her work and committed to deliver her clients optimal outcomes and has a proven success record in recovering rental claims and vehicle property damage claims.

Eric Wagambie

Senior Associate

Eric brings a wealth of experience to RTN, having worked as a lawyer in the insurance law sector since 2019. He is adept at high volume civil litigation and specialises in courtroom appearances. Eric operates mainly in the NSW jurisdiction where he always fights for the best results for his clients and continually strives to bring a swift resolution to claims.

Sean Earl


Sean is a debt recovery specialist with over 7 years experience working in the motor vehicle industry handling credit hire claims. He has a keen interest in insurance law, and has experience as a paralegal and litigation specialist in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia. Sean possesses a strong work ethic and a logical approach to problem solving. Sean always goes above and beyond for his clients, making him a very valuable member of the RTN team. 

Fatimah Young


Fatimah is an experienced litigations paralegal with specialization in motor vehicle claims recoveries. She is originally admitted as a lawyer in the Philippines in 2008 where she gained work experience in a law enforcement agency and later transitioned to a general practice law firm. Fatimah is committed to gaining continuous professional growth and in contributing her wealth of practical experience and comprehensive skill set towards delivering favourable outcomes for clients.

Joy Zhan


Joy is a solicitor admitted to practice in New South Wales in 2020, holding a Juris Doctor Degree from UNSW. With a background of three years in general commercial litigation, she has gained comprehensive experience across various legal matters, establishing a strong foundation in litigation procedures and strategies. Motivated by a passion to specialize in a specific area, Joy has set her sights on expanding her knowledge and expertise in motor vehicle recoveries.

Andi Subrata


Andi brings a wealth of experience to RTN Law, having previously worked as a litigation specialist for over 5 years. He is adept at handling high volume work whilst always keeping the best interests of his client at the fore. Andi has extensive experience across multiple legal jurisdictions around Australia and has displayed a performance history of being able to promptly resolve litigated claims.

Michelle Lee

Practice Manager

Michelle is a Business Management Specialist, who utilises her business and commercial acumen to augment the operations of an organisation to align with the strategic vision of the firm. 

Michelle’s early career spans Banking and Finance, Building and Construction and Hospitality. With experience in a variety of industries, she has a degree in accounting and is currently studying her Masters in Business Management. Her expertise is in Strategic planning, HR Management and Financial Management.

Methodical, with the ability to read and communicate with people of any background, Michelle combines this with knowledge and experience in professional services to increase the productivity and efficiency of RTN Law.

Morgan Hawkins

Special Counsel

Morgan has joined us as Special Counsel and has already shown his dedication to training and developing staff to improve their litigation skills and strategies as well as developing internal processes and increasing efficiency of the firm.

Morgan has a wealth of experience in Civil Litigation, having appeared in the Supreme, District and Magistrate Courts on multiple occasions, for all manner of disputes, as well as having had carriage of hundreds of matters over the course of his legal career and brings with him a fresh approach to growing and developing the team at RTN Law.

Brooke Lightman


Brooke is a civil litigation specialist. She has a diverse legal background including Criminal Law, Family Law and Residential Tenancy. She is experienced in acting in Plaintiff recoveries for motor vehicle recoveries across multiple jurisdictions including Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

Brodie Rodgers


Brodie is a civil litigation expert, who specialise in Insurance Law. He has experience practicing in diverse range of legal areas including, but not limited to Family Law, Criminal Law and Insurance Law. He brings a wealth of knowledge developed from his time in practice and work as a judicial service officer in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia.

Jessica Randell


Jessica Randell is a lawyer, specialising in motor vehicle property damage in Western Australia and Queensland.

Jessica completed a Bachelor in Laws and a Bachelor in Criminology, majoring in Criminal Behaviour, at Murdoch University. She has worked in the legal industry for several years across a range of practice areas, primary criminal law, family law, wills and probate and personal injuries. Jessica is passionate about justice and achieving fair and favourable outcomes for her clients.

Nikolas Patterson


Nik is a Paralegal who is currently completing his Practical Legal Training. He comes from a background in the arts and entertainment sector, where he has developed his skills in complex stakeholder management and working under pressure.

Sabina Pasalik


Sabina is an accomplished paralegal with over a decade of civil litigation experience. She specialises in debt recovery and motor vehicle claims recoveries in various states throughout Australia. Sabina’s expertise shows through her work, consistently contributing to successful outcomes for her clients. Her dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards have made her an invaluable asset in the field.

Shannon Dekock


Shannon is Paralegal completing her Practical Legal Training. With a warm and approachable demeanour, Shannon not only brings a robust professional foundation but also engages sincerely with clients and colleagues. Shannon is a promising litigator as she develops her expertise in motor vehicle recoveries and insurance litigation.

Jerome Teo


Jerome is a lawyer specialising in motor vehicle property recoveries in Western Australia and Queensland. He has had previous experience in family law and working in full service law firms.

Abie Da Silva


Abie is a Paralegal based in our Perth office. He holds an LL.B. (Hons) in Irish Law from Griffith College, along with a Barrister-at-Law Degree from the King’s Inns in Dublin, Ireland. Abie joined RTN Law in August 2023, having worked previously as a Legal Analyst and in various Compliance-based roles in the U.K. and Australia, allowing him to gain valuable knowledge and experience across legal procedure and a range of practice areas. Abie is seeking to continue his learning, build on his knowledge base, and eventually specialise in Credit Hire Recoveries and Vehicle Property Damage Claims Recovery.

Aidan Duggan


Aidan is a lawyer specialising in motor vehicle property recoveries in Western Australia and Queensland. His previous experience was in multiple disciplines including but not limited to Wills & Probate, Property Law and Family Law.

Sabrina Dogic


Sabrina is a highly motivated and dedicated individual with a strong academic background in International Relations and Political Science. Sabrina is eager to expand her academic knowledge and practical experiences in her role at RTN Law. Sabrina has honed her their organization skills , attention to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently.

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